Brody Neuenschwander ruling pen

Rulingpen base acciaio nero

Black handle (matt)

Sales price: €52.00

Nut brown handle (glossy)

Sales price: €52.00
Rulingpen base accaio mogano6

Mahogany brown handle (matt)

Sales price: €52.00
The Brody Neuenschwander Ruling pen derives its name from the world famous calligrapher and text artist, Brody Neuenschwander.
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This ruling pen is designed by Handwritmic and Brody Neuenschwander has lent his name to it. He describes it as “Magnificent! Fabulous! What a joy to write with! It makes the most beautiful splatters, feels good in the hand, is a lovely object to see”.

This pen has an original asymmetrical shape, that breaks away from the well-known classical ruling pen, also named “ruling writer”.
It was Friedrich Poppl (1923 – 1982), the German calligrapher and designer of the Poppl Antiqua and Laudatio typefaces, who first used a ruling pen for calligraphy in the 1950s.
However, the concept behind our Handwritmic Ruling pen is very different. We have improved our pen with a new design and new materials.
The result is that it has four functions: you can write bold, medium and thin strokes for your calligraphy and you can rule as many lines of different thickness as you can imagine!
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