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Barbara's oblique penholder

Oblique penholder with flange for Nikko G (a nib is included). Specifically made for Barbara Calzolari's students, this penholder is slightly more chunky than our classic penholder (see photo for comparison). Calligraphers with a big hand will certainly prefer it. It is made of cherry wood and is embellished by white glossy stripes with Barbara's logo. This penholder is not coated with epoxy varnish but with a natural transparent varnish (food industry quality) which avoids most of the stains.
Size of the penholder, proportions and flange have been studied with Barbara Calzolari in order to make a perfect and serviceable penholder for those wanting to study and practice the Spencerian. The Nikko G nib fits perfectly in the flange but you can eventually pinch it with pliers at the horizontal fold (as Barbara Calzolari suggests to her students). For copperplate she suggests to use a Hunt 101 which fits also, as well as the Hunt 22 and Principal.