Jewelry by Brody Neuenschwander


Jewelry by
Brody Neuenschwander

Handwritmic ruling pens dedicated to Brody Neuenschwander

New oblique penholder for Barbara Calzolari

Smart dinky dips

Indispensable object for every calligrapher


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New oblique penholder for Barbara Calzolari

During 2019, Anna Ronchi (Handwritmic) and Barbara Calzolari started getting in contact more frequently. This led to various meetings, exchanges of opinions and memories about the beginnings of calligraphy in Italy in 1991 and a

About the Ruling pen

The Handwritmic Ruling pen derives its name from the world famous calligrapher and text artist, Brody Neuenschwander.  This ruling pen is designed by Handwritmic and Brody Neuenschwander has lent his name to it. He describes it